The CORE Curriculum Initiative at INET Oxford led by Prof. Wendy Carlin has recently received very positive coverage from two prominent institutions. The Royal Economics Society, one of the oldest and most presitgious economics associations in the world, provided a detailed overview of the initiative in its recent newsletter to all of its members. This will help get the word out on the initiative to economists throughout the UK as well as to the many international members of the RES. The article can be read from this link.

The World Bank's blog also recently posted a piece describing the initiative and interviewing Prof. Carlin. In the post, Prof. Carlin described why the initiative is important to the type of work the World Bank does, "The Bank has been a leading force in convincing economists of the priority of inclusive growth and the necessity in many countries of institutional change to assure this. Resistance to the necessary policy changes are often based on outdated economics. As part of its attempts to ensure shared prosperity, the Bank might want to invest more in ensuring that the next generation of opinion and policy makers has an understanding of economics more consistent with the Bank’s objectives." The full post can be read here.