The work of INET Oxford Postdoctoral Research Officer Caspar Kaiser has been recognised by an international organisation at the forefront of wellbeing science.

Dr Caspar Kaiser was awarded first prize by the International Society for Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS) in the category of ‘Best Dissertation on Quality-of-Life, Well-being and Happiness’. Dr Kaiser, recognised for his ‘Four essays on applied and methodological issues in the study of subjective life satisfaction’, also scooped a prestigious Young Scholar Award for his substantial contribution to wellbeing research.

As well as his position at INET Oxford, Dr Kaiser is a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford's Wellbeing Research Centre and a trustee and advisor to the Happier Lives Institute.

In response to the recognition, Dr Kaiser said: “I am extremely grateful and honoured to be receiving both of these prizes. ISQOLS has, for a long time, been a kind of academic home for me. This makes this recognition especially valuable to me.

“I especially thank my two DPhil supervisors – Maarten Vendrik and Brian Nolan – who have gone out of their way to guide me during the DPhil. I’m also particularly grateful to the people at INET and the Wellbeing Research Centre, without whom my current research would not be possible.”

Established in 1995, the ISQOLS was one of the first international organisations set up to promote and encourage research in the field of quality-of-life and wellbeing science. In the last three decades it has become a globally recognised organisation with its own publications, journals and an ever-growing membership of some of the brightest minds in the field.