The INET Young Scholars Inequality Working Group (IWG) has recently hosted a webinar Remembering Sir Tony Atkinson with Dr. Salvatore Morelli. Members of the IWG reflected on his contribution to inequality studies during a 1.5 hour interactive webinar. Professor Sir Tony Atkinson has been involved with the working group in the past (see
Dr. Salvatore Morelli (INET Oxford, University of Naples) gave a heartwarming presentation titled Putting people first: in memory of Tony Atkinson. His presentation highlighted Prof. Atkinson his major contributions including the foundations of public economics, modern theory of inequality measurement, and the empirical account of historical evolution of economic inequality over time. During the discussion Morelli shared personal anecdotes of his time spent with Prof Atkinson, both as supervisor and coauthor, and described him as a generous and unassuming person.
The final part of the webinar included student summaries of Prof Atkinson & his major works. Presentations were given by inequality scholars from all around the world including the University of Oxford, Paris School of Economics, University of Torino and a consultant working at Oliver Wyman (Russia).
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