INET Oxford researchers publish in Chinese Academy of Social Science journal special issue on green growth.
INET Oxford's Cameron Hepburn, Eric Beinhocker, J. Doyne Farmer, and Alex Teytelboym published an article "Resilient and Inclusive Prosperity Within Planetary Boundaries" in China and the World Economy, a publication of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, in a special issue on green growth.
The authors critically review debates over whether green growth is possible and argue that a substantial research agenda is required to resolve key questions. They suggest that an important starting point is examining how we measure the concept of "growth" and that we need to incorporate metrics and concepts of "wealth" which is a stock of assets and capabilities, including natural capital, as well as flow measures of output and consumption and a dashboard of sustainability indicators on planetary boundaries. Such a shift in metrics and perspective could have significant public policy implications.
The article can be read here.