Dr Hannah Ritchie

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Oxford Martin Fellow, Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford

Hannah Ritchie


Hannah Ritchie is a Postdoctoral Research Officer working at the online publication OurWorldinData.org. The publication aims to present empirical research on how the world is changing through the use of interactive data visualisations and explainers.
Her research is focused on the intersection between sustainability and global development, with a focus on how to couple economic development and improved living standards with environmental sustainability. Hannah holds a BSc in Environmental Geoscience, and an MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh. There, her doctoral studies focused on the assessment of global food systems and their capacity to address malnutrition and environmental sustainability simultaneously. At the University of Edinburgh she was also a lecturer in Sustainability, Society and Environment, and worked on the development of teaching programmes directed towards interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability. She has worked on a number of sustainability consulting and industry-led projects.