Dr Huei-Chun Su

Research Assistant

Huei-Chun Su


Huei-chun Su is a researcher at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School for the research project, ‘Inclusive, Resilient Capitalism and Human Welfare’, funded by Rockefeller Foundation.

Huei-chun has a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Public Finance. Her deep interest in issues regarding distribution and economic justice led her to study the history of economic thought. Under the supervision of John Maloney at the University of Exeter, her PhD thesis was focused on the theory of John Stuart Mill. In the recent rise of quantitative studies on economic inequality, her research aims at providing an alternative, yet complementary, approach to the contemporary issues of inequality by revisiting the history of political and economic thought.

Prior to joining INET, Huei-chun was appointed as an honorary research associate at the Bentham Project at University College London, where she completed and published the monograph, ‘Economic Justice and Liberty: the Social Philosophy in John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism’ (2013). Previously, she worked for several universities in the UK and Taiwan, including London School of Economics and National Taipei University.

Her main research interests include economic methodology, philosophy of social and economic policy, moral philosophy, as well as the history of political and economic thought. She has recently edited a book with David Colander concerning a collection of his work on economic methodology.