Kieran Marray

Research Assistant

Laidlaw Scholar, Centre for Social Complexity, George Mason University

Kieran Marray


Kieran is research assistant at the Complexity Economics Programme at INET, and studies Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford. He is also a Laidlaw Research Scholar at the Centre for Social Complexity, George Mason University, supervised by Professor Rob Axtell. During his time at Oxford, he was the first ever undergraduate to be invited to give a paper at the Faculty of Philosophy (on the philosophy of economics), and the one of the first ever undergraduates to be invited to give a seminar at the Mathematical Institute (on using dynamic network models to forecast the development of artificial intelligence and robotics).

His research interests include: networks and complex systems, the economics of innovation, environmental economics, experimental economics, and economic methodology. At INET, he is currently working on how the cost of goods change with production experience, and how types of task carried out by occupations influence labour market outcomes.