Martin Lukac

Visiting Student

PhD student in Sociology at the Centre for Sociological Research, KU Leuven

Martin Lukac


Martin Lukac is currently a fourth year PhD in Sociology at the Centre for Sociological Research and a student of MSc in Statistics at the Leuven Statistics Research Centre at KU Leuven. Prior to beginning his doctoral studies, he graduated with an MSc in Social Policy Analysis (KU Leuven) and MA in Governance and Global Affairs (Moscow State Institute of International Relations). In between studies, he has also worked as a data scientist for businesses and government.

Martin has broad research interests, mainly at the intersection of statistics, research methodology, and sociology. In his PhD project, he develops new measurement approaches to labour market segmentation in Europe, where he uses latent variable models to track labour market insecurity in Europe. In addition, he works on an agent-based model of reputation dynamics at online labour market platforms—freelance marketplaces, where digital labor is distributed online. Methodologically, Martin is interested in issues of cross-cultural measurement, discovering heterogeneity of treatment effects in conjoint experiments, and causal inference problems in networked conditions.