Dr Penny Mealy


Economist at the World Bank | Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, SoDA Labs, Monash Business School

Penny Mealy


Penny is an economist at the World Bank, a Research Associate at INET and the Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at SoDa Labs at the Monash Business School. Her work applies various methods from complex systems and data science to analyse the interrelated challenges of climate change and economic development. Her research has developed novel, data-driven approaches for analysing structural change, occupational mobility and the future of work, and the transition to the green economy.

Penny completed a PhD at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at Oxford University. She has held various research fellow roles at the Oxford Martin School, the Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at Cambridge University, and SoDa Labs, Monash University. Penny also has frequently advised international organisations, governments and businesses on green growth and development strategies.

Recent Publications