Prof J. Doyne Farmer

Director of Complexity Economics

Professor of Mathematics


Title Date
No. 2017-09 - Wright meets Markowitz: How standard portfolio theory changes when assets are technologies following experience curves
No. 2018-09 - The Tipping Point: How the G20 Can Lead the Transition to a Prosperous Clean Energy Economy
The Prevalence Of Chaotic Dynamics In Games With Many Players
What you do at work matters: New lenses on labour
No. 2017-07 - Best reply structure and equilibrium convergence in generic games
No. 2018-6 - Models of Financial Stability and Their Application in Stress Tests
How well do experience curves predict technological progress? A method for making distributional forecasts
Less precision, more truth: Uncertainty in climate economics and macroprudential policy
No. 2018-04 - A New Interpretation of the Economic Complexity Index
Tipping points to the post-carbon society with Prof Doyne Farmer & Prof Cameron Hepburn
ABCE: A Python Library for Economic Agent-Based Modeling
No. 2017-06 - A taxonomy of learning dynamics in 2 × 2 games
No. 2017-05 - The prevalence of chaotic dynamics in games with many players
Macroprudential policy in an agent-based model of the UK housing market
Complexity Theory to Support Public Policy and Financial Regulation: Economic Policy Needs Network Analysis and Behavioral Modeling