Oleg I. Kitov is a Fellow and a Lecturer in Economics at Selwyn College and Robinson College, University of Cambridge. He is also a final year D.Phil. (Ph.D.) candidate in Economics at the University of Oxford, supervised by Prof Sir David F. Hendry. Prior to that, Oleg received an M.Phil. in Economics (Oxford) and an M.Sc. in Mathematics (Warwick). During his D.Phil., Oleg worked as a Lecturer at St Hilda’s College, Magdalen College and the Department of Economics, where he taught Statistics, Econometrics and Macroeconomics. He also held a James Martin Fellowship at the Oxford Martin School (2014-2016). His primary research area is in Econometrics, with focus on the analysis of non-stationary time series, statistical learning and big data in the context of macroeconomic forecasting. He also works on empirical modelling of personal income distribution, earning dynamics and economic inequality.