Iman Dadgar

Visiting Doctoral Student


Iman is a recognized student at the Department of Social policy and Intervention, University of Oxford. is a PhD student in Economics at Stockholm University with affiliation to the Swedish Institute of Social Research (SOFI) under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Karin Edmark and Prof. Matthew J. Lindquist. His research interests are mainly in Health Economics, Economics of Education and Inequality.

During the first year of his PhD program, he studied the association between GDP and traffic deaths. The study was initiated when Iman was working as a research assistant at SOFI with prof. Thor Norström. He is currently working on a related project on heart-disease and economic fluctuations.

 In his third project, using Swedish register data, he is evaluating the impact on students’ academic achievement of a reform that gave schools in some of the Swedish municipalities some freedom in determining the curriculum.

His current visit at INET is sponsored by Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius Foundation. During this time, he will develop the fourth chapter of his thesis in inequality  under the advice of Professor Brian Nolan.