Claire Connelly

Visiting Research Assistant

Rebuilding Macroeconomics Project


Claire Connelly is a financial, economics & technology journalist and visiting research assistant at Rebuilding Macroeconomics.

She is working on a data research study, collecting first-hand information from academics, policy makers & regulators, practitioners, and members of the private sector, across multiple disciplines, to create an inventory of data identifying what we have and also what is missing to really understand the macroeconomy.

Connelly has written for leading publications including The Australian Financial Review, The Saturday Paper, the ABC, SBS, Which-50, New Matilda, and the Sydney Morning Herald. She is also a research fellow at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. She has spent the past two-and-a-half years conducting research and interviews with world-leading economists, identifying key data and information omitted from orthodox economics and the impact it has had on policy prescriptions and individual financial decisions for an as yet unpublished book. She has a Bachelor of International Studies from the University of New South Wales focusing on globalisation and politics & international relations, and a Graduate Diploma of Journalism.