Wendy Carlin

Director of Economic Curriculum Development

Professor, UCL; Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, University of Oxford


Wendy Carlin is a Research Fellow of the CEPR and a Fellow of the European Economics Association. She is on the Expert Advisory Panel, Office for Budget Responsibility in the UK and on the Advisory Board of INET. Her research focuses on macroeconomics, institutions and economic performance. She is co-managing editor with Philippe Aghion of Economics of Transition and has published on ownership, finance and growth; competitiveness and export performance; the economics of transition and the legacy of communism; the political economy of Germany and the Eurozone; and macroeconomics. She has co-authored with David Soskice two macroeconomics books. She is completing a third, with the title: Macroeconomics and the Financial System (OUP, 2014).