Dr Omar Guerrero

Research Fellow

Saïd Business School


Omar Guerrero's interests lie in the intersection of economics, networks, and computation. He is currently studying labour dynamics as a process where people flow throughout the economy by moving from one firm to another. He studies these flows by looking at detailed data about employment histories of each individual and every firm in entire economies. Using this information, he construct networks of firms in order to map the roads that people take throughout their careers. This allows to study labour markets at an unprecedented fine-grained level of detail. He employs agent-based computing methods to understand how economic shocks and policies alter labour flows, which eventually translate into unemployment and other related problems. 
He is also a member of the CABDyN Complexity Centre at the Saïd Business School and a Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College. He enjoys interdisciplinary research and looks forward to hearing about new ideas for potential collaborative work.
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