Economic Simulation Library


Economic Simulation Library (ESL) is an open-source project to develop a user-friendly software library for building agent-based models (ABMs) of economic systems. The goal is to build a library which acts as a starting point for a variety of economic models. It will provide classes of constructs commonly found in economic models, including balance sheets, contracts, markets, and others.   This basic foundation will save agent-based modellers time by implementing a multitude of aspects that are shared across a variety of economic ABMs. In order to achieve these goals, we are building a community of researchers with common interests and we invite the participation of others. 

People: J. Doyne Farmer, Davoud Taghawi-Nejad, Torsten Heinrich, Juan Sabuco, Adrián Carro, Alissa Kleinnijenhuis, Thom Wetzer, External Collaborators: David Pugh, Benjamin Herd, Co-Pierre Georg 

Project Leader / Primary Investigator

Prof. J. Doyne Farmer

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