Economic Simulation Library


Economic Simulation Library (ESL) is an open-source project to develop a user-friendly software library for building agent-based models (ABMs) of economic systems. The goal is to build a library which acts as a starting point for a variety of economic models. It will provide classes of constructs commonly found in economic models, including balance sheets, contracts, markets, and others. We are hoping that this basic foundation will save agent-based modellers time by implementing a multitude of aspects that are shared across a variety of economic ABMs. In order to achieve these goals, we are building a community of researchers with common interests and we invite the participation of others. 

People: J. Doyne Farmer, Davoud Taghawi-Nejad, Torsten Heinrich, Adri├ín Carro, Alissa Kleinnijenhuis, Thom Wetzer, External Collaborators: David Pugh, Benjamin Herd, Juan Sabuca, Co-Pierre Georg 

Project Leader / Primary Investigator

Prof. J. Doyne Farmer

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