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Jun 2020
INET Working Paper
No. 2020-02 - Can stimulating demand drive costs down? World War II as a natural experiment
François Lafond, Diana Greenwald, J. Doyne Farmer
May 2020
INET Working Paper
No. 2020-12 - Production networks and epidemic spreading: How to restart the UK economy?
Anton Pichler, Marco Pangallo, R. Maria del Rio-Chanona, François Lafond, J. Doyne Farmer
Apr 2020
INET Working Paper
No. 2020-10 - The rise of science in low-carbon energy technologies
Kerstin Hötte, Anton Pichler, François Lafond
Apr 2020
Supply and demand shocks in the COVID-19 pandemic: An industry and occupation perspective
in COVID Economics, CEPR Press
Anton Pichler, François Lafond, J. Doyne Farmer, R. Maria del Rio-Chanona, Penny Mealy
Mar 2020
INET Working Paper
No.2020-04 - Technological interdependencies predict innovation dynamics
Anton Pichler, François Lafond, J. Doyne Farmer
Oct 2019
INET Working Paper
No. 2019-14 - Measuring productivity dispersion: a parametric approach using the Lévy alpha-stable distribution
Jangho Yang, Torsten Heinrich, Julian Winkler, François Lafond, Pantelis Koutroumpis, J. Doyne Farmer
Jun 2019
Working Paper
Automation and occupational mobility: A data-driven network model
R. Maria del Rio-Chanona, Penny Mealy, Mariano Beguerisse-Diaz, François Lafond, J. Doyne Farmer
Apr 2019
Wright meets Markowitz: How standard portfolio theory changes when assets are technologies following experience curves
in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
J. Doyne Farmer, Fabrizio Lillo, François Lafond, Rupert Way, Valentyn Panchenko
Jan 2019
Long-run dynamics of the U.S. patent classification system
in Journal of Evolutionary Economics
François Lafond, Daniel Kim
Mar 2018
How well do experience curves predict technological progress? A method for making distributional forecasts
in Technological Forecasting and Social Change
J. Doyne Farmer, François Lafond, Aimee Gotway Bailey, Jan David Bakker, Dylan Rebois, Rubina Zadourian, Patrick McSharry
Feb 2018
Early identification of important patents through network centrality
in Technological Forecasting and Social Change
François Lafond, Manuel Sebastian Mariani, Matúš Medo
Apr 2016
How Predictable is Technological Progress?
in Research Policy
J. Doyne Farmer, François Lafond
Mar 2015
Self-organization of Knowledge Economies
in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
François Lafond