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Jun 2019
Working Paper
Automation and occupational mobility: A data-driven network model
R. Maria del Rio-Chanona, Penny Mealy, Mariano Beguerisse-Diaz, François Lafond, J. Doyne Farmer
May 2019
Working Paper
Evolution of the Global Financial Network and Contagion: A New Approach
R. Maria del Rio-Chanona
Mar 2018
Working Paper
What you do at work matters: New lenses on labour
J. Doyne Farmer, Penny Mealy, R. Maria del Rio-Chanona
Sep 2017
ABCE: A Python Library for Economic Agent-Based Modeling
J. Doyne Farmer, Torsten Heinrich, Davoud Taghawi-Nejad, Rudy H. Tanin, Adrián Carro, Juan Sabuco, Mika J. Straka, R. Maria del Rio-Chanona
Jan 2017
Trends of the World Input and Output Network of Global Trade
Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen, R. Maria del Rio-Chanona, Jelena Grujić