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May 2023
Bayesian calibration of differentiable agent-based models
Arnau Quera-Bofarull, Ayush Chopra, Anisoara Calinescu, Michael Wooldridge, Joel Dyer
Mar 2023
INET Working Paper
No. 2023-05 - Reconstructing firm-level input-output networks from partial information
Andrea Bacilieri, Pablo Astudillo-Estévez
Feb 2023
Reconstructing production networks using machine learning
in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
Luca Mungo, François Lafond, Pablo Astudillo-Estévez, J. Doyne Farmer
Dec 2022
The unequal effects of the health-economy tradeoff during the COVID-19 pandemic
Marco Pangallo, Alberto Aleta, R. Maria Del Rio Chanona, Anton Pichler, David Martin-Corral, Matteo Chinazzi, François Lafond, Marco Ajelli, Esteban Moro, Yamir Moreno, Alessandro Vespignani, J. Doyne Farmer
Nov 2022
Three growth-friendly reforms for the UK’s broken planning system
John Muellbauer
Nov 2022
The Thatcher Legacy: Lessons for the future of the UK economy
John Muellbauer, David Soskice
Sep 2022
INET Working Paper
No. 2022-26 - Fair Social Contracts and the Foundations of Large-Scale Collaboration
Eric Beinhocker
Aug 2022
The Ethics of Agent-Based Social Simulation
in Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation
David Anzola, Peter Barbrook-Johnson, Nigel Gilbert
Jul 2022
Systems Mapping: How to build and use causal models of systems
Peter Barbrook-Johnson, Alexandra S. Penn
Jun 2022
INET Working Paper
No. 2022-30 - Calibrating agent-based models to microdata with graph neural networks
Joel Dyer, Patrick Cannon, J. Doyne Farmer, Sebastian Schmon
Jun 2022
Testing the presence of outliers in regression models
in Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
Xiyu Jiao, Felix Pretis
Jun 2022
Valuing the Future and Discounting in Random Environments: A Review
in Entropy
Jaume Masoliver, Miquel Montero, Josep Perelló, J. Doyne Farmer, John Geanakoplos
May 2022
Catalyzing Paradigmatic Change in Economics - Prof. David Sloan Wilson
David Sloan Wilson, Eric Beinhocker, Paul Collier, Nick Hanauer, Rebecca Henderson
May 2022
Does a carbon tax reduce CO2 emissions? Evidence from British Columbia
in Environmental and Resource Economics
Felix Pretis
Apr 2022
Estimating initial conditions for dynamical systems with incomplete information
in Nonlinear Dynamics
Blas Kolic, Juan Sabuco, J. Doyne Farmer
Mar 2022
Analysing differences between scenarios
in International Journal of Forecasting
David F. Hendry, Felix Pretis