The Industrial Revolution has been of vast benefit to humanity, but it came at the cost of a global explosion in anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. The UK was the first country into the Industrial Revolution. Now it is one of the first countries heading out, with annual CO2 emissions per capita back below the levels of the 1860s. This column presents an econometric model of UK emissions over the last 150 years to establish what has driven them down and reveal the impacts of important policies, especially the Climate Change Act of 2008. Even so, large reductions in all the UK’s CO2 sources are still required to meet its 2050 target of an 80% reduction from 1970 levels.


Hendry, D.F. (12 December 2018). 'First-in, first-out: Driving the UK's per capita carbon dioxide emissions below 1860 levels'. [Blog post]. Retrieved from: https://voxeu.org/article/driving-uks-capita-carbon-dioxide-emissions-below-1860-levels
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