How can we derive data-driven insights on behavioural and cultural norms? And how can we infer information about the underpinning narratives driving social behaviour and group dynamics?

Tony Quinlan, CEO and Chief Storyteller of Narrate, has been evolving practice in this space for over a decade, gathering high volume of narrative, self- signified by people living in the relevant culture and context and then exploring patterns and data with diverse groups to develop more informed interventions.

During this talk Tony Quinlan will describe one approach employed in multiple countries by UN agencies working on issues such as Peace & Reconciliation, Gender, Youth Employment and Preventing Violent Extremism. This combines narrative, ethnography and complexity elements such as fitness landscapes, to understand norms and explore potential pathways for programme improvement. Tony will describe some of the methods that he brings to understanding complex environments, including Snowden's Cynefin framework and the SenseMaker tool and core concepts from anthropology.


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