Matthew Karlson, Research Student

Department of Computing, University of Surrey

Friday 28th February, 15:30
INET Oxford Seminar Room,
Eagle House, Walton Well Road, OX2 6ED


What determines the direction of technological change within an industry? In this presentation it is argued that technological exemplars play a key role. An exemplar is a design model or pattern to be built upon and imitated. Koen Frenken’s model of technological paradigm formation suggests that the selective construction of a design over time produces an exemplar with ‘locked-in’ core elements. These core elements channel future change along a particular technological trajectory. Here a new model is presented that suggests that, where competitive forces are sufficient, ‘two-tier’ selection (both selective construction of designs and selection of firms at the industry level) results in a dominant exemplar and associated trajectory at the industry level. Variety reducing forces interact with variety generating forces such that the balance determines whether or not a trajectory will emerge.


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