Marcella Lucchetta, Ca' Foscari University of Venice -
"Complexity in Environmental and Social Risks interaction with Financial Systemic Risk”
This work develops the multi-disciplinary field of Environmental and Social Risks COmplexity with Financial SYstemic Risk interaction (ESCO-SYR) as potential modeling and explanation of the current crisis. Despite the severity of the problem (as discussed in Inouye 2015), it seems that the social, environmental and impact on the investment on innovation for the future, caused by the financial crisis, are neglected by the scientific literature (an exception is in Farmer and Lafond 2016). Complexity and heterogeneity are two faces that often appear in conjunction in financial markets. Farmer et al (2016 Science) invoke the needs of an interdisciplinary approach to deal with complexity in financial regulation. Such interdisciplinary approach is the aim of this paper that investigates how biological, technological and cultural characteristics are coevolving.


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