Many congratulations to INET Oxford researchers Valentina Semenova, Julian Winkler, and Anton Pichler, who have this week been awarded prizes for their work. The Complexity and Macroeconomics research competition, run by the Rebuilding Macroeconomics project, asked for “innovative papers that offered insight into our understanding of the macroeconomy beyond that which is possible using standard methods of economic analysis”.

Valentina and Julian won second prize in the competition for their paper Reddit’s Self-Organised Bull Runs, in which they predicted the likely emergence of ‘bull runs’ well before the GameStop Reddit run earlier this year.

Anton won third prize for his paper Propagation of supply and demand shocks in a dynamic input-output model (together with Marco Pangallo, Maria del Rio-Chanona, François Lafond and Doyne Farmer), in which he predicted the GDP hit that lockdown would cause with remarkable accuracy.

A prize winners’ seminar will be held on Friday, 21 May 2021, 14:00 BST, at which Valentina and Anton will present their work. All are welcome to attend this seminar, but registration is required.