Valentina Semenova

Doctoral Student

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Valentina Semenova


Valentina Semenova is a DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford in the Institute for New Economic Thinking under the supervision of Professor Doyne Farmer. Her research is targeted towards developing new techniques to rigorously model and optimize complex systems, including the economy.

Before beginning her studies at Oxford, Valentina completed a master’s degree at Columbia University in Operations Research, studying the optimization of dynamic systems under the supervision of Professor Yuri Faenza. Prior to Columbia, she worked for 2 years in algorithmic trading at Goldman Sachs and 2 years at Palantir Technologies (a technology company specializing in big data analysis).

Valentina completed her undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College where she double-majored in mathematics and economics. She did her undergraduate maths thesis at Dartmouth on the stability of the international trade network.