INET Oxford economist Lukas Lehner and his colleague, Maximilian Kasy, talk to the Pitchfork Economics podcast about their work on the world's first universal jobs guarantee pilot, currently running in Austria.

In the episode, Kasy and Lehner discuss what prompted them to design the world’s first universal jobs guarantee experiment, which is currently running in the Austrian town of Marienthal. They outline the impact the pilot has had on the participants and their community so far. Talking about their future hopes for the experiment, the researchers explain how similar jobs guarantee programmes could work in other countries.

Maximikian kasy
"There was really an emphasis in the design of this program that the employment should be meaningful and that participants should be involved in the design of the jobs." Professor Maximilian Kasy, University of Oxford
Lukas Lehner
‘A job guarantee can function as an additional social safety net that supports those people who are unable to find jobs otherwise.’ Lukas Lehner, Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Martin School, University of Oxford