Oxford University economists have today issued an urgent international ‘wake-up call’ around nature’s continued decline and the grave threat posed to global prosperity by ignoring it.

New research by members of INET Oxford's Economics of Sustainbability programme and the Oxford Martin School, commissioned by the Green Economy Coalition, has revealed that governments can be ignorant to the economic value of nature, and the extent to which national and global wealth depends on it. The researchers agree that this natural capital is the basis for all human prosperity.

The report was written by Programme Director Prof Cameron Hepburn, Postdoctoral Research Officer François Cohen, INET Oxford alummn Alexander Teytelboym, University of Oxford Postdoc Frank Sperling and World Bank Lead Economist Kirk Hamilton. The report can be found here and further information about the Green Economy Coalition can be found here. A full article on the launch of the report can be found on the University's main page here.