We are delighted to announce that Jagoda Kaszowska-Mojsa has been awarded the prestigious Excellence in Artificial Intelligence Award for the MACROPRU project at the Perspecktywy Women in Tech Summit

The Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit is the favourite event for women in Tech&IT in Europe. Last year’s edition brought together over 8,300 participants from 103 countries. It is a 2 day event offline and online full of knowledge, fresh ideas, meetings with great people, job opportunities and deep networking. For more information visit their website: https://womenintechsummit.pl/

Jagoda is working on the MACROPRU project (MSCA IF, grant no 101023445) at the University of Oxford (INET Oxford & Mathematical Institute). The goal is to investigate how new macroprudential policies can influence financial stability without contributing to inequality in society. In this project, she is applying cutting-edge, agent-based simulation, big data and AI techniques to uncover the redistributive effects of public policies and to examine the optimal combination of macroprudential tools from a social welfare perspective. She developed an agent-based simulation with an AI component. In simple words, she simulated the behavior of the economy as if they were modeling a virtual reality in which entities make informed decisions, learn and create the reality in which they coexist. This is a major shift in the modeling approach in economics and finance that could spark a paradigm shift.

We are delighted for Jagoda; the award is well deserved and it is great to highlight to the fantastic work done by women in our field. As Jagoda herself puts it so well...

'The world is changing; however, it is changing only because of all the wonderful women and men that follow their passions and focus on their talents!'

Ja Award
Jagoda accepting her award at the Summit