Aymeric Vié

Doctoral Student



Aymeric Vié is a DPhil student at the CDT in the Mathematics of Random Systems at the University of Oxford. He is supervised by Doyne Farmer and Rama Cont, and is funded by Fidelity. His research focuses on financial dynamics and risk at the intersection between computational tools and social sciences. He is very interested in creating new tools to anticipate, measure and control systemic risk in financial networks, and in developing new paradigms to model the economy from endogenous interactions.

Prior to starting at Oxford, Aymeric obtained a Bachelor of Law degree from Paris-Sorbonne University, and a Master's in Political Sciences from Sciences Po. He also has a Master's in Economics from the Paris School of Economics, and was a research fellow at the New England Complex Systems Institute. With core interests in the simulation and forecasting of complex systems, notably economic and financial, Aymeric has worked on the impact of network topology over systemic risk, the impact of hyperconnectivity in current societies, building agent-based models to model economic and financial dynamics and ecological social dilemma, using evolutionary algorithms to propose new solution concepts in game theory, and using multi-criteria mathematical modeling to forecast sustainability trajectories of European Union countries.