This report makes use of cuttingedge research to identify the emerging global trends in green competitiveness, examine some countries in detail, and identify how governments might take advantage of these green prosperity opportunities. Overall, we find that a number of countries are actively capitalising on the growing green products market, particularly Germany, China, the US, Italy and Austria, and that early leaders on key renewable generation technologies, such as Germany and China, are most likely to gain from the global transition to net zero. We examine seven case studies in more detail: China, the US, Brazil, Australia, the UAE, Switzerland, and Singapore. These countries provide a broad range of green growth archetypes, from leading exporters to those being left behind in the race to a greening world. The detailed findings contained in the report are likely to be of value to governments, corporates, civil society, and investors.


Andres, P., Bucker, J., Ives, M., Mealy, P., Tang, K., Urban, M., McCarten, M., Srivastav, S. & Hepburn, C. (2021). 'Predictors of Success in a Greening World'. Lombard Odier Report.
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