From the acclaimed MIT Sloan Management Review comes this compendium of cutting-edge thinking about corporate strategy. Focusing on strategic imperatives of the new economy, leading thinkers in the field present their views in four general areas: strategy and value creation; flexibility in a volatile world; strategy making in uncertain times; and strategies for growth in fast-paced markets. Strategic Thinking for the New Economy shows that designing a successful strategy is a never-ending quest--and that effective strategic thinking is a process of continuously asking questions and thinking through issues in a creative way. Included among the book's many expert contributers are Christopher A. Bartlett, Henry Mintzberg, Richard T. Pascale and C. K. Prahalad.


Beinhocker, E. (2001). 'Robust Adaptive Strategy'. In M.A. Cusumano & C.C. Markides (Eds.) "Strategic Thinking for the Next Economy". Jossey-Bass, San Francisco.
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