The academic study and the applied use of agent-based modelling of social processes has matured considerably over the last thirty years. The time is now right to engage seriously with the ethics and responsible practice of agent-based social simulation. In this paper, we first outline the many reasons why it is appropriate to explore an ethics of agent-based modelling and how ethical issues arise in its practice and organisation. We go on to discuss different approaches to standardisation as a way of supporting responsible practice. Some of the main conclusions are organised as provisions in a draft code of ethics. We intend for this draft to be further developed by the community before being adopted by individuals and groups within the field informally or formally.


Anzola, David, Barbrook-Johnson, Pete and Gilbert, Nigel (2022) 'The Ethics of Agent-Based Social Simulation' Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 25 (4) 1 <http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/25/4/1.html>. doi: 10.18564/jasss.4907
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