Karolina Bassa

Doctoral Student

Mathematical Institute



Karolina Bassa is a DPhil student at the CDT in the Mathematics of Random Systems at the University of Oxford. Karolina is undertaking research with Rama Cont, Doyne Farmer, and Susanna Saroyan on the topic of climate change risks to the financial system, and is funded by Fidelity. She is interested in developing a methodology for climate stress testing and pricing climate risks in financial products, especially in the sovereign bond market. Using data science, network theory, and machine learning, she hopes to enable investors to integrate climate change into financial decision making.

Prior to starting her DPhil, Karolina, obtained an integrated Master’s degree in Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of Oxford. Her interest in finance led her to complete internships with the JP Morgan Macroeconomic Research Team in Emerging Markets, and the Business Development division at Jane Street. Providing a bridge between academia and the industry is one of Karolina's priorities.