Dr Xiyu Jiao

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Xiyu Jiao 3


Xiyu completed his DPhil (and MPhil) in economics at the University of Oxford in 2019. Before moving to Oxford, he spent one year at the London School of Economics on master courses in statistics. A Chinese by birth, his undergraduate study in computational mathematics was taken at the Northwest University in Xi’An, China.

His interest lies in econometrics, working at the intersection of economics, statistics, and machine learning. His research is directed toward the development of practical solutions to applied problems, and fundamental understanding and statistical assessment of these solutions. Over his PhD study, he developed asymptotic theory for a class of outlier detection algorithms, which are popular in robust statistics literature and extensively used in empirical research in economics and climate studies.

Xiyu will be working with the Climate Econometrics project at Nuffield College, which grew out of the Economic Modelling (EMoD) Programme at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) at the Oxford Martin School.