Prof Renaud Lambiotte

Professorial Research Fellow

Professor of Networks and Nonlinear Systems, Mathematical Institute



Renaud Lambiotte is Professor of Networks and Nonlinear Systems in the Mathematical Institute and a Tutorial Fellow at Somerville College, University of Oxford. He is also a Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute, London, and an External Faculty member at the Complexity Science Hub, Vienna. Renaud has a Physics masters degree and PhD from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.

Renaud's main research area is the modelling of networked systems, with main applications in social, information and economical systems. His main expertise lies in the development of methods for the mining of large-scale networks, and in the modelling of dynamical processes on networks. He has published around 150 peer-reviewed articles and two books, Modularity and Dynamics on Complex Networks (Cambridge University Press, 2022) and A Guide to Temporal Networks (World Scientific, 2021).

He is currently the PI of two EPSRC grants on the modelling of multiway networks and temporal networks, the former in collaboration with Cornell University. He is Editor at Advances in Complex Systems, European Physical Journal B and Science Advances.

He is current co-supervising DPhil students from INET, in collaboration with Doyne Farmer (Co-I).

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