Rupert Stuart-Smith

Doctoral Student

School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford

Rupert Stuart Smith


Rupert Stuart-Smith is a student on the Doctoral Training Programme in Environmental Research, studying climate change litigation as a sensitive intervention point in the transition to a post-carbon society with Dr Friederike Otto and Professor Cameron Hepburn. His current research also spans sustainable finance and climate and glacier modelling.

Rupert’s recent work, undertaken at the University of Washington, has provided evidence of the impact of climate change on a Peruvian glacier to a German court in the context of ongoing litigation (Lliuya v RWE). His research also includes evaluation of corporate emission reduction commitments in the energy sector, in collaboration with the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics.

Rupert holds a BA in Geography from the University of Oxford. During his time as an undergraduate, Rupert developed an investment strategy aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement with St Hilda’s College, Oxford, the Oxford Martin School and Sarasin & Partners. He is also a co-ordinator of the UK Youth Climate Coalition.