Dr Vanessa Berenguer-Rico

Senior Research Fellow

Associate Professor in Economics, Department of Economics, University of Oxford

Vanessa Berenguer Rico


Vanessa Berenguer-Rico's research focuses on the econometric modelling and statistical treatment of non-linear long run relationships that involve persistent processes --such as those observed in macroeconomic data. The standard theory to deal with persistence in a linear context --Co-integration theory-- is not properly designed to deal with non-linearities. Her current research develops Co-summability theory that generalizes co-integration to non-linear worlds. Among other potential macroeconometric studies, she has applied Co-summability theory to analyze the hypothesis of asymmetric preferences of central bankers, the environmental Kuznets curve, and the effect of a changing level of impatience of investors on asset pricing. Other areas of research are sustainability of fiscal deficits and debts or long run relationships in panel data models.