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Oct 2023
INET Working Paper
No. 2023-19 - Reconstructing supply networks
Luca Mungo, François Lafond, Alexandra Brintrup, Diego Garlaschelli
Sep 2023
INET Working Paper
No. 2023-16 - Liquidity Spirals
Garbrand Wiersema, Esti Kemp, J. Doyne Farmer
May 2023
INET Working Paper
No. 2023-08 - Firm-level production networks: what do we (really) know?
Andrea Bacilieri, András Borsos, Pablo Astudillo-Estévez, François Lafond
Apr 2023
Toward a framework for assessing and using current climate risk scenarios within financial decisions
Matteo Gasparini, Moritz Baer, Ryan Lancaster, Nicola Ranger
Dec 2022
INET Working Paper
No.2022-28 - Counterparty choice, maturity shifts and market freezes: lessons from the e-MID interbank market
Susanna Saroyan
Nov 2022
Three growth-friendly reforms for the UK’s broken planning system
John Muellbauer
Nov 2022
The Thatcher Legacy: Lessons for the future of the UK economy
John Muellbauer, David Soskice
Nov 2022
What are the events that shake our world? Measuring and hedging global COVOL
in Journal of Financial Economics
Rob F. Engle, Susana Campos-Martins
Sep 2022
Forecasting the propagation of pandemic shocks with a dynamic input-output model
in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
Anton Pichler, Marco Pangallo, R. Maria del Rio-Chanona, François Lafond, J. Doyne Farmer
Aug 2022
INET Working Paper
No. 2022-25 - Could Spain be less different? Exploring the effects of macroprudential policy on the house price cycle
Adrián Carro
Jul 2022
Real Estate Booms and Busts: Implications for Monetary and Macroprudential Policy in Europe
John Muellbauer
May 2022
'From swimming in data to drowning' with Prof Robert Axtell
Robert Axtell
Dec 2021
INET Working Paper
No. 2021-24 - Excess mortality versus COVID-19 death rates: a spatial analysis of socioeconomic disparities and political allegiance across US states
Janine Aron, John Muellbauer
Oct 2021
The Frequency of Convergent Games under Best-Response Dynamics
in Dynamic Games and Applications
Torsten Heinrich, Samuel C. Wiese
Sep 2021
Levels of structural change: An analysis of China’s development push 1998-2014
in Journal of Evolutionary Economics
Shuanping Dai, Jangho Yang, Torsten Heinrich
Sep 2021
Simultaneous supply and demand constraints in input–output networks: the case of Covid-19 in Germany, Italy, and Spain
in Economic Systems Research
Anton Pichler, J. Doyne Farmer