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Jan 2022
INET Working Paper
No. 2022-01 - Is Meat Too Cheap? Towards Optimal Meat Taxation
Franziska Funke, Linus Mattauch, Inge van den Bijgaart, Charles Godfray, Cameron Hepburn, David Klenert, Marco Springmann, Nicolas Treich
Aug 2020
Climate change after COVID-19: Harder to defeat politically, easier to tackle economically
Franziska Funke, David Klenert
Aug 2020
Five Lessons from COVID-19 for Advancing Climate Change Mitigation
in Environmental and Resource Economics
David Klenert, Franziska Funke, Linus Mattauch, Brian O’Callaghan
May 2019
Working Paper
Giving up on Growth? On the Validity of Post-Growth Arguments (in German)
Linus Mattauch, Jan Siegmeier, Franziska Funke