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Dec 2018
INET Working Paper
No. 2018-17- Steering the climate system: an extended comment
Cameron Hepburn, Simon Dietz, Nicholas Stern, Alexander Teytelboym, Richard Millar, Linus Mattauch, Jacquelyn Pless, Ottmar Edenhofer, Anselm Schultes, Niall Farrell, Frederick van der Ploeg, Armon Rezai, Frank Venmans, Nico Bauer, Gunnar Luderer, Fiona Spuler
Nov 2018
Pass-Through as a Test for Market Power: An Application to Solar Subsidies
in American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
Jacquelyn Pless, Arthur A. van Benthem
Jul 2018
Solar photovoltaic self-consumption in the UK residential sector: New estimates from a smart grid demonstration project
in Energy Policy
Jacquelyn Pless, Sarah J. Darby, Eoghan McKenna
Jan 2018
Policy Brief—Encouraging Innovation that Protects Environmental Systems: Five Policy Proposals
in Review of Environmental Economics and Policy
Cameron Hepburn, Jacquelyn Pless, David Popp
Feb 2017
Bribes, bureaucracies, and blackouts: Towards understanding how corruption at the firm level impacts electricity reliability
Jacquelyn Pless, Harrison Fell
Jul 2016
Quantifying the value of investing in distributed natural gas and renewable electricity systems as complements: Applications of discounted cash flow and real options analysis with stochastic inputs
Jacquelyn Pless, Douglas J. Arent, Jeffrey Logan, Jaquelin Cochran, Owen Zinaman