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Apr 2024
Model-based financial regulations impair the transition to net-zero carbon emissions
in Nature Climate Change
Matteo Gasparini, Matthew Ives, Ben Carr, Sophie Fry, Eric Beinhocker
Nov 2023
INET Working Paper
No. 2023-23 - Are financial markets pricing the net zero carbon transition? A reconsideration of the carbon premium
Matteo Gasparini
Jun 2023
INET Working Paper
No. 2023-11 - Are financial regulations impairing the transition to net zero?
Matteo Gasparini, Sophie Fry, Matthew C. Ives, Ben Carr, Eric Beinhocker
Jun 2023
Transparent climate alliances: principles for greater effectiveness and legitimacy
Peter Tufano, Chris Thomas, Knut Haanaes, Matteo Gasparini, Robert Eyres, Chris Chapman
May 2023
Working Paper
A re-evaluation of the financial risks of the net zero transition
Matteo Gasparini, Moritz Baer, Matthew Ives
Apr 2023
Toward a framework for assessing and using current climate risk scenarios within financial decisions
Matteo Gasparini, Moritz Baer, Ryan Lancaster, Nicola Ranger
Feb 2023
Working Paper
The evolving academic field of climate finance
Matteo Gasparini, Peter Tufano
Oct 2022
When climate collaboration is treated as an antitrust violation
in Harvard Business Review
Matteo Gasparini, Knut Haanaes, Peter Tufano