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Jan 2024
Working Paper
Interventionally consistent surrogates for agent-based simulators
Joel Dyer, Nicholas Bishop, Yorgos Felekis, Fabio Massimo Zennaro, Anisoara Calinescu, Theodoros Damoulas, Michael Wooldridge
Jan 2024
Population synthesis as scenario generation for simulation-based planning under uncertainty
Joel Dyer, Arnau Quera-Bofarull, Nicholas Bishop, J. Doyne Farmer, Anisoara Calinescu, Michael Wooldridge
Nov 2023
Gradient-assisted calibration for financial agent-based models
in Proceedings of the Fourth ACM International Conference on AI in Finance (ICAIF '23)
Joel Dyer, Arnau Quera-Bofarull, Ayush Chopra, J. Doyne Farmer, Anisoara Calinescu, Michael Wooldridge
Oct 2023
Black-box inference for differentiable simulators
in Journal of Open Source Software
Arnau Quera-Bofarull, Joel Dyer, Anisoara Calinescu, J. Doyne Farmer, Michael Wooldridge
May 2023
Bayesian calibration of differentiable agent-based models
Arnau Quera-Bofarull, Ayush Chopra, Anisoara Calinescu, Michael Wooldridge, Joel Dyer