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Feb 2024
Testing for coefficient distortion due to outliers with an application to the economic impacts of climate change
in Journal of Econometrics
Xiyu Jiao, Felix Pretis, Moritz Schwarz
Jan 2024
Whose jobs face transition risk in Alberta? Understanding sectoral employment precarity in an oil-rich Canadian province
in Climate Policy
Antonina Scheer, Moritz Schwarz, Debbie Hopkins, Ben Caldecott
Mar 2023
Large weather and conflict effects on internal discplacement in Somalia with little evidence of feedback onto conflict
in Global Environmental Change
Lisa Thalheimer, Moritz Schwarz, Felix Pretis
Sept 2022
Attributing agnostically detected large reductions in road CO2 emissions to policy mixes
in Nature Energy
Nicolas Koch, Lennard Naumann, Felix Pretis, Nolan Ritter, Moritz Schwarz
May 2022
Decarbonization in state-owned power companies: Lessons from a comparative analysis
in Journal of Cleaner Production
Philippe Benoit, Alex Clark, Moritz Schwarz, Arjuna Dibley
Dec 2020
Climate change and Emerging Markets after Covid-19
François Cohen, Matthew Ives, Sugandha Srivastav, Moritz Schwarz, Paolo De Souza, Yangsiyu Lu, Penny Mealy, Cameron Hepburn, Luke Jackson
Aug 2020
The Challenge of Using Epidemiological Case Count Data: The Example of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases and the Weather
in Environmental and Resource Economics
François Cohen, Moritz Schwarz, Yangsiyu Lu, Anant Jani, Sihan Li
Apr 2018
Uncertain impacts on economic growth when stabilizing global temperatures at 1.5°C or 2°C warming
in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
Felix Pretis, Kevin Tang, Moritz Schwarz, Karsten Haustein, Myles R. Allen
Oct 2017
(In German) Economic Growth and Climate Change – Opportunities and Challenges on the Way to a Zero-Carbon Society
Linus Mattauch, Matthias Roesti, Moritz Schwarz, Jan Siegmeier