José Moran


Jose Moran


José Moran is a researcher working at the interface of complexity economics and statistical physics. He was trained in applied mathematics and statistical physics at École polytechnique and École Normale Supérieure, and completed his PhD in macroeconomics and statistical physics under Jean-Philippe Bouchaud and Jean-Pierre Nadal. After his studies, he joined INET as a postdoctoral researcher.

José has very diverse interests in complexity economics, including the study of the dynamics of wealth and income inequality, the statistics of firm growth, firm network models, temporal networks and binary decision models. His intellectual pursuits also include agent-based modelling, where his research goes from creating reduced "toy" models or even "models of models" that enable a full understanding of the dynamics at play, to engineering large-scale macroeconomic simulations intended to serve as predictive models.

He currently applies his modelling expertise at Macrocosm and is also a junior external fellow at the Complexity Science Hub in Vienna.

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