Marco Pangallo


Research Scientist at CENTAI (Center for Artificial Intelligence)

Marco Pangallo


Marco Pangallo is a research scientist at CENTAI (Center for Artificial Intelligence), a newly established research institute that aims at combining independent research on artificial intelligence and complex systems with industrial applications. Previously, he was a JSMF Postdoctoral Fellow at the Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies, Italy. Marco obtained his PhD in Mathematics at the University of Oxford and was part of the Complexity Economics group at the Oxford Martin School's Institute for New Economic Thinking.

Marco is generally interested in understanding the economy quantitatively through a combination of data-driven and theoretical approaches. He believes that traditional economic models – based on optimization and equilibrium – are not best suited to quantitatively account for the complexity of the economy. Instead, agent-based models are the best tool to assimilate increasingly available granular data and produce more reliable economic forecasts.

Currently, Marco is collaborating with INET Oxford on projects that attempt to understand business cycles as a result of endogenous phenomena, combining several economic forces that have been proposed to generate business cycles, and validating theoretical results on extensive microeconomic and macroeconomic datasets.

Recent Publications