Marco Pangallo

Doctoral Student

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Marco Pangallo


Marco Pangallo is a PhD student in Mathematics at the University of Oxford, supervised by Prof. Doyne Farmer. Marco is also part of the Complexity Economics group of the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School. Prior to starting his PhD, he obtained a master degree in Physics of Complex Systems from the University of Turin, Italy.

Marco has broad research interests at the intersection of economics and the interdisciplinary science of complex systems, spanning the theoretical-empirical spectrum. In his PhD thesis, he takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the stability of equilibria in game theory. Since the lack of equilibrium assumptions is one of the defining features of complexity economics, this project seeks to provide a theoretical foundation for non-equilibrium models. On a more applied side, Marco has also been working on housing markets. One of his works in this strand of research is an Agent-Based Model specifically designed to study the relation between income segregation, house prices and income inequality. Another work is the empirical analysis of a large dataset of housing ads. This analysis shows that clicks on ads are a good proxy of housing demand, and combines ideas from machine learning and econometrics to investigate the causal impact of prices on demand.

Marco blogs on complexity economics at