Dr Torsten Heinrich


Professor for microeconomics at Chemnitz University of Technology

Torsten Heinrich2


Torsten Heinrich studied economics at the Dresden University of Technology, Germany, and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. He received his PhD from the University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany, in 2011 with a thesis on technological change and growth patterns with network effects. Having held a post-doc position at the University of Bremen until 2016, he joined INET Oxford in October 2016 as a Postdoctoral Researcher. In 2019, he moved to the Oxford Martin Programme on Technological and Economic Change (OMPTEC) of the Oxford Martin School and became an Associate Fellow of INET Oxford. Since 2020, he holds the chair for microeconomics at Chemnitz University of Technology in Chemnitz, Germany. His research interests include agent-based modeling, economic complexity, technological change, industrial dynamics, and game theory.

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