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Oct 2021
INET Working Paper
No. 2021-03 - The Paris-compliant company: Measuring transition performance using a strict science-based approach
Saphira Rekker, Matthew Ives, Belinda Wade, Chris Greig, Lachlan Webb
Sep 2021
Net zero aviation and shipping: Written evidence to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee
Matthew Ives, Lukas Larsson, Alex Clark
Sep 2021
Risk-opportunity analysis for transformative policy design and appraisal
in Global Environmental Change
Jean-Francois Mercure, Simon Sharpe, Jorge E. Vinaules, Matthew Ives, Michael Grubb, Aileen Lam, Paul Drummond, Hector Pollitt, Florian Knobloch, Femke Nijsse
Jun 2021
Zero-Emissions Shipping: Contracts-for-difference as incentives for the decarbonisation of international shipping
Alex Clark, Matthew Ives, Byron Fay, Ronan Lambe, Johanna Schiele, Lukas Larsson, Jessica Krejcie, Leah Tillmann-Morris, Peter Barbrook-Johnson, Cameron Hepburn
Jun 2021
Deciding how to 'change big things quickly': Pros and cons of different appraisal techniques to inform decision-making on low-carbon transformational policies
Jean-Francois Mercure, Matthew Ives, Femke Nijsse, Peter Barbrook-Johnson
May 2021
INET Working Paper
No. 2021-01 - Empirically grounded technology forecasts and the energy transition
Rupert Way, Penny Mealy, J. Doyne Farmer, Matthew Ives
Apr 2021
A new perspective on decarbonising the global energy system
Matthew Ives, Luca Righetti, Johanna Schiele, Kris De Meyer, Lucy Hubble-Rose, Fei Teng, Lucas Kruitwagen, Leah Tillmann-Morris, Tianpeng Wang, Rupert Way, Cameron Hepburn
Jan 2021
Ammonia to power: Forecasting the levelized cost of electricity from green ammonia in large-scale power plants
in Applied Energy
Zac Cesaro, Matthew Ives, Richard Nayak-Luke, Mike Mason, Rene Banares-Alcantara
Dec 2020
Climate change and Emerging Markets after Covid-19
François Cohen, Matthew Ives, Sugandha Srivastav, Moritz Schwarz, Paolo De Souza, Yangsiyu Lu, Penny Mealy, Cameron Hepburn, Luke Jackson
Apr 2019
Sensitive intervention points in the post-carbon transition
in Science
J. Doyne Farmer, Cameron Hepburn, Matthew Ives, Thomas Hale, Thom Wetzer, Penny Mealy, Ryan Rafaty, Sugandha Srivastav, Rupert Way
Mar 2019
Participatory planning of the future of waste management in small island developing states to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals
in Journal of Cleaner Production
Lena I. Fuldauer, Matthew Ives, Daniel Adshead, Scott Thacker, Jim W. Hall
Jan 2019
A systems-based assessment of Palestine's current and future infrastructure requirements
in Journal of Environmental Management
Matthew Ives, A.J. Hickford, D. Adshead, S. Thacker, J.W. Hall, R.J. Nicholls, T. Sway, M. Abu Ayyash, R. Jones, N. O'Regan
Nov 2018
Navigating the water trilemma: a strategic assessment of long‐term national water resource management options for Great Britain
in Water and Environment Journal
Matthew Ives, Mike Simpson, Jim W. Hall
Aug 2018
A Complementary Understanding of Residential Energy Demand, Consumption and Services
Matthew Ives, Ralitsa Hiteva, Margot Weijnen, Igor Nikolic
Jul 2018
The impact of cost of capital reductions on regulated water utilities in England and Wales: an analysis of isomorphism and stakeholder outcomes
in Journal of Management and Governance
James A. C. Ryan, Ian M. Dunham, Matthew Ives
Dec 2017
Modelling future scenarios of infrastructure demand for the UK’s National Infrastructure Assessment
Matthew Ives, Andrea Silberman, Bianca Letti, Simon Blainey, Modassar Choundry, Will Usher, Pranab Baruah, Jim W. Hall, Jack Large