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Mar 2019
Participatory planning of the future of waste management in small island developing states to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals
in Journal of Cleaner Production
Lena I. Fuldauer, Matthew Ives, Daniel Adshead, Scott Thacker, Jim W. Hall
Jan 2019
A systems-based assessment of Palestine's current and future infrastructure requirements
in Journal of Environmental Management
Matthew Ives, A.J. Hickford, D. Adshead, S. Thacker, J.W. Hall, R.J. Nicholls, T. Sway, M. Abu Ayyash, R. Jones, N. O'Regan
Nov 2018
Navigating the water trilemma: a strategic assessment of long‐term national water resource management options for Great Britain
in Water and Environment Journal
Matthew Ives, Mike Simpson, Jim W. Hall
Aug 2018
A Complementary Understanding of Residential Energy Demand, Consumption and Services
Matthew Ives, Ralitsa Hiteva, Margot Weijnen, Igor Nikolic
Jul 2018
The impact of cost of capital reductions on regulated water utilities in England and Wales: an analysis of isomorphism and stakeholder outcomes
in Journal of Management and Governance
James A. C. Ryan, Ian M. Dunham, Matthew Ives
Dec 2017
Modelling future scenarios of infrastructure demand for the UK’s National Infrastructure Assessment
Matthew Ives, Andrea Silberman, Bianca Letti, Simon Blainey, Modassar Choundry, Will Usher, Pranab Baruah, Jim W. Hall, Jack Large
Jul 2017
Coastal Modelling Environment version 1.0: a framework for integrating landform-specific component models in order to simulate decadal to centennial morphological changes on complex coasts
in Geoscientific Model Development
Andrés Payo, David Favis-Mortlock, Mark Dickson, Jim W. Hall, Martin D. Hurst, Mike J. A. Walkden, Ian Townend, Robert J. Nicholls, Matthew Ives, Michael A. Ellis
Jan 2017
How civil engineers can help the UK meet the Paris Agreement on climate
in Civil Engineering
Matthew Ives, Scott Thacker
Jan 2017
Strategic analysis of the future of national infrastructure
in Civil Engineering
Scott Thacker, Jim W. Hall, Matthew Ives, Yue Cao, Modassar Chaudry, Simon P. Blainey, Edward J. Oughton
Aug 2016
Decision Analysis for Management of Natural Hazards
in Annual Review of Environment and Resources
Matthew Ives, Michael Simpson, Rachel James, Jim W. Hall, Edoardo Borgomeo, Susana Almeida, Ashley Kingsborough, Theo Economou, David Stephenson, Thorsten Wagener
Jul 2016
The Great 21st Century Energy Challenge
Matthew Ives, Michael Ives
Apr 2016
Evaluation of strategies for nature-based solutions to drought: a decision support model at the national scale
Mike Simpson, Matthew Ives, Jim W. Hall
Feb 2016
Database, simulation modelling and visualisation for national infrastructure assessment
Matthew Ives, Stuart Barr, David Alderson, Craig Robson
Feb 2016
Water supply systems assessment
Matthew Ives, Mike Simpson, Jim W. Hall, Chris G. Kilsby
Oct 2014
Designing a Solid Waste Infrastructure Management Model for Integration into a National Infrastructure System-of Systems
Jonathan Coello, Matthew Ives, David Turner, G. V. R. Watson, Anne Stringfellow, William Powrie, Jim W. Hall
Apr 2014
Shock, Stress or Signal? Implications of Freshwater Flows for a Top-Level Estuarine Predator
in PLOS one
Matthew Ives, Matthew D. Taylor, Charles A. Gray, Ivars V. Reinfelds, Chris T. Walsh, Dylan E. van der Meulen