CORE Project

The Curriculum in Open-source Resources in Economics (CORE) Project was set up in October 2013 to propose a new approach to economics teaching for undergraduates. The aim is to update the existing economics curriculum in the light of recent developments in economics, the economy and in teaching methods. All CORE material will be created collaboratively, using input from academics, instructors, policy makers, professional economists, and students, disseminated via the internet, and be free to use by participating institutions.

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Our aim is to stimulate innovation and debate in economics, support visionary interdisciplinary research, and radically redefine the education of the next generation of economists and leaders in business and government.

INET Oxford will benefit from its foundation in the Oxford Martin School, through drawing on its global networks and capacity to work effectively across disciplinary boundaries. INET Oxford’s team of top scholars from across the sciences, social sciences and humanities will create new opportunities to develop innovative insights into major economic issues.

INET Oxford will also seek out collaborations with practitioners and policy makers to support the application of those insights to some of our greatest economic challenges.

Current Programmes

Economic Modelling (EMod):

INET Oxford was launched with this research programme on the causes and consequences of the financial crisis, the impacts of shifts in inequality of income and wealth, flaws in mathematical tools underpinning neo-classical economics, and developing new methods of forecasting that are robust after crises.

  • Sir David Hendry, Professor of Economics
  • Sir Tony Atkinson, Professor of Economics
  • John Muellbauer, Professor of Economics

Complexity Economics:

Building on existing efforts by the Oxford CABDyN group based in the Saïd Business School, leading scholars will apply perspectives and tools from complex systems theory, network theory, and evolutionary theory to deepen our understanding of economic phenomena, including financial crises, economic growth, inequality, and the management of systemic risk.

  • J. Doyne Farmer, Professor of Mathematics
  • Felix Reed-Tsochas, James Martin Lecturer in Complex Systems at the Saïd Business School

Economics, Equity and Growth

This new programme of research is concerned with the links between growth, employment, living standards and working life prospects for the Middle and Below (M&B) group of the income and wealth distribution. It will seek to understand why our current growth models are failing and what may be required for better, fairer growth.

  • John Muellbauer, Professor of Economics (acting Director)

Ethics and Economics:

This expanding programme involves economists, philosophers, legal scholars, management researchers, and policy experts examining why financial institutions take such enormous risks which are not always in the interest of their shareholders and clients, and why post 2008 the financial services industry is strongly resisting reforms which would constrain such risk-taking.

  • John Armour, Professor of Law and Finance
  • David Vines, Professor of Economics

Initiatives Under Development

INET Oxford has an ambitious programme of research that will be expanded to include new activity in the areas of the economics of employment and inequality, and new models of economic growth. Also in the future, the Institute will develop curriculum materials for economics programmes, business schools and public policy schools to support teaching that is informed by new economic thinking and an increasing understanding of the complexity of global systems.


INET Oxford has partnerships with the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Center for International Governance Innovation and Central European University. Over time, INET Oxford will build partnerships with other academic, research and policy-making institutions around the world.

Cross-University Collaboration

INET Oxford is an initiative of the Oxford Martin School in collaboration with a number of departments and schools across the University, including the Department of Economics, the Saïd Business School, the Mathematical Institute, the Oxford-Man Institute, and the Blavatnik School of Government.

Further Information

The formation of INET Oxford was jointly announced by the Oxford Martin School and the Institute for Economic Thinking (INET) on 12 April 2012. The Institute will be starting-up over the summer of 2012 and will be adding further programmes and initiatives over the coming year. More information will be added to the website as it becomes available.